About PnP

Hello fellow golfers,

You may have noticed advertisements for our products in a range of golf magazines, and are possibly wondering about our company, our products and our future.  

Our company: 

Is a private Australian company established primarily to sell our own unique in-house designed golf clubs. 

We also have a state-of-the-art fitting studio, where our master club fitter, Craig Smith, a part-owner and officially recognized within the top 100 accredited master club fitters of the world, initially tests appropriate clubs prior to field testing. 

Our products: 

Our positioning statement ‘short game innovators’ depicts our focus to produce clubs that are easier and more accurate to hit when – putting, chipping or pitching – ie., our SX1 Putter, Siteline Chipper and Putter, Rake Sand and Lob wedges and now our RAKE Gap wedge. 

Our future: 

Our main market is in Australia. Interestingly we do have an increasing market in the US, where Kathy Jensen, voted 2014 US PGA teacher of the year (out of 28,000 male and female US PGA professionals) is a great advocate of our innovative products.

Having said this, we realise that the real key for continued success, as it is for any like company, is to keep producing new and innovative products that can benefit a person’s lifestyle and thus their enjoyment.

In conclusion:

I would like to invite you to give me feedback or make any suggestions you may have relating to our products or any future products for us to put our mind to. 

So, please feel free to contact me at paul@pnpgolf.com

If at any time you plan a trip to Canberra, please call in, you will always be very welcome. 

Good golfing, spread the word, and may all your golf balls have a favorable bounce. 

Paul J Donaghue
Managing Director
PnP Golf