Word about the amazing Point N Putt putter directional pointer is certainly spreading fast.  The putter was recently featured in a review in the Australian based Golf Plus e-magazine. “The innovative, technology-based putters are backed with a “directional pointer” that benefits your game and makes alignment – and, by consequence, putting – that bit easier….” Click here to read the rest of the review as well as check out the e-mag. Continue reading →

The PNP Rake wedge series featured on the list of “Top 5 Great Golf Ideas for Father’s Day” and were also given a great review by golfing website GolfTodayNW.com “The leading edge enters the hitting area earlier than a standard wedge creating a high angle of attack making it easy to launch the ball in the air and with greater accuracy. Continue reading →

Troy Klongerbo from US Golf TV has taken a look at the RAKE Wedges and the Point N Putt Putter and was impressed with the many unique advantages the clubs have to offer. “With a heavier head, the club will have more authority when working through difficult lies – creating an easier shot especially for higher handicap players. Continue reading →

PNP has again been given a great review by Rankmark.com, this time for the RAKE Lob Wedge. “The ball got up quickly and easily on lob shots and I could impart good spin where necessary….Lob shots are a breeze on any surface – tight/skinny lies, hard pan, thick grass – again I think it was the feel of the wedge for me that helped on all surfaces. Continue reading →

“Every shot with the Rake Wedge was effortless, I was able to generate enough spin to get the ball to check up, and was able to bump and run the ball right up to the pin.  The grooves on the back of the club allowed me to move the club through the grass with the ultimate of ease…I can’t say enough great things about this club. Continue reading →

To confirm that the PointNPutt putter improves putting alignment,  we engaged SAM PuttLabs, the world’s leading putt analysis and training system to design and implement an independent study to test whether PointNPutt really could improve a golfer’s alignment. In late 2012/early 2013, 3 separate tests were fielded in the USA, Australia and Sweden.  Continue reading →