How much bounce do I need on my wedges?

The playing conditions encountered must be considered when deciding how much bounce you need on your wedges.  The more bounce a wedge has the more it will resist digging into the sand or deep rough.  The greater the bounce angle the more resistance the club head will have as it moves through the sand or thick rough keeping it near the ground surface allowing for a cleaner strike.   When choosing a wedge do so with your hometown golf courses in mind.  If you play a golf course with very few sand traps and a hard surface you may want a club with less bounce.  The Rake Lob Wedge which has 15 degrees of bounce is more suited for consistency on these shots.  If you play golf courses that have several sand traps and rough or thick grass you may find a club with more bounce more appealing.  Generally, for shots out of sand traps and/or rough, a wedge with more bounce performs better.  More bounce allows the club to slide through the sand easier rather than dig deeply into the dirt.   The PNP Rake Sand Wedge has a large Rail Bounce, 20 degrees, and its patented Rake shaped sole reduces the amount of the club contacting the ground resulting in less drag.  If your local course has both types of conditions, you might want to have both clubs in your bag.

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