How to Line Up a Putt Using the Point N Putt Putter

  • Gently rest the putter head on the putting green directly behind the golf ball.
  • With a light grip pressure and relaxed body use your right hand (for right hand golfers) to point the Directional Pointer along the intended putting line. Note the ease with which you can definitively line up the putt by using the Directional Pointer as opposed to “generally aim” with other putters.
  • You have now picked the line, so lightly connect your left hand to the putter (right hand for lefties). Then align your feet and shoulders to the line. You are now ready to putt. You will see how easy, natural and positive it is when you just point and putt.

A Secret Golf Putting Tip from the Inventor – After pinpointing the putting line with the directional pointer, and with your head directly over the ball, keep iti very still and do not look up until you have finished your putting stroke.

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