Now Available – The 1 Putt Putting Guide

PNP Golf is excited to announce our latest product, designed to help golfers everywhere master their short game – The 1 Putt Putting Guide1 Putt Putting Guide by PNP GolfThe Perfect Setup and Stroke Every TimeThe 1 Putt Putting Guide, with its unique but very simple perfect set-up template and patented variable putting gates, will help give you the perfect set-up and a consistently accurate pendulum stroke every time.

1 Putt Putting Guide Gates1 Putt Putting Guide

Using the guide you will develop the correct posture, stance and set-up with your eyes directly over the ball.

By design, the guide also reduces the tendency to over-extend your back swing and follow through. With reasonable practice you will have many more one putt greens.

The putting gates are designed to add an obtainable high level of skill to your putting. The four gate openings are mathematically calculated to replicate the distance of making a putt at 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet.

Click here to learn more about the 1 Putt Putting Guide and to purchase one today!

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