Rake Series


These innovative wedges all feature the patented Dual Bounce Rail design while the lob and sand wedges feature an advanced ON-SET Leading Edge – delivering unparalleled performance from sand traps, thick or wet rough, tight lies and hard pan. 

The RAKE Wedge breakthrough Rail Bounce design combs through grass and sand resulting in more acceleration with less effort. 

What is the difference between PnP Rake wedges and other lob, sand or gap wedges? 

The main difference is the breaking-up of the one (1) large blunt bounce, found on other wedges, into two (2) bounces; ie. a rail bounce and a secondary ‘between rail’ sole bounce. 

Why does it work so well? 

This patented design has a gap between the two bounces that provides an avenue for the sand, turf etc., to pass through; thus enabling more acceleration with less effort. Through impact the rails also assist to stabilise the club head.