Reading a Putting Green and Understanding How a Putt Breaks

A perfectly struck putt that is not properly read will not go in to the hole.  Over half of the putts you miss are because you have improperly judged the speed and line of the putt.  The most critical factor in understanding how much a putt is going to break is the speed of your putt.  Speed and Line go hand in hand, remember all putts are straight until the lose speed.  The slope of the green and the way a putt breaks should be identified visually and then confirmed and felt with your feet.  Look for the low points of the green and determine where the water of the putting green would drain if it where wet.  This will help you identify which way a putt may move when it loses speed.  Most amateur golfers do not read enough break, especially putts that break severely.

A PNP Golf Putting Tip – Play more break and use less speed on severe breaking putts to increase your chances of holing the putt and/or leaving yourself a tap in two putt.

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