Should I only use my RAKE Sand Wedge from the sand?

By design the Rake Sand Wedge is the best club to use out of most sand traps because of the benefits gained from 20 degrees of Rail bounce.   In theory and in practice, the Rake Wedge design allows you to get out of the sand with less effort.  The Rakes Rail Bounce Design does not dig into the sand as deep as a standard wedge and therefore is designed  to “bounce” out of the sand sooner.  The Rake Sand Wedge is best out of the sand but we suggest you develop short game skills from anywhere on the golf course that is within the distance you can hit your Rake Sand Wedge.   A Sand Wedge is a scoring club so put some time in with yours from the sand and from around the green.  With practice, the Rake Sand Wedge can be used for most shots inside 100 yards.

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