Siteline Putter and Chipper


We all have different address positions, putting strokes, chipping actions, club preferences etc; consequently, setting up perfectly over the ball every time can be extremely difficult. 

As a result, PnP Golf has developed an alignment set-up that allows you to correctly align your chip or putt – EVERY TIME – it is our SITELINE All Square Visual Alignment (ASVA) set-up. 

The SiteLine ‘ASVA’ set-up for both clubs, is an easy and natural process. 

With the sole flat on the ground, just visualise the point of the directional pointer (DP) between the upper Site while pointing the (DP) on your intended line. 

This ensures your eyes are directly over the ball and your putter face is 90° to the target alignment – EVERY TIME

How to use the SiteLine putter 

It is designed to be used with a pendulum putting stroke. 

To get this putting stroke working, best you need to have quiet wrists and have a rocking motion with your shoulders. 

The SiteLine putter has a small, face balanced, 360g mallet head and is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel, a malleable compound that gives a soft feel and the ultimate in feedback

How to use the SiteLine Chipper 

For shots under 30 metres use your putting stroke and grip – this will let the ball come out lower off the club head with more roll out. For shots longer than 30 metres use your normal grip, with hands leading the club head the whole way to impact and beyond for a higher trajectory and more back spin. 

The SiteLine chipper can be used for a full shot. It is, however, designed for shots under 60 metres

The SiteLine chipper’s 340g head is made from 431 Stainless Steel giving it a rebound hardness that will reduce spin on softer hit shots, resulting in the ball rolling out like a putt. 

Where to use the SiteLine Chipper 

The SiteLine chipper is designed to be used from any lie. 

With its leading edge and wide based sole plate, it will cut through most roughs and glide over the tighter turf while also deterring digging. 

Note: Before using the chipper on the course, a short period of practice to gauge the length and roll-out is advised.