SX1 Point n Putt


The SX1 Point n Putt visual alignment system uses a simple ‘One Step Alignment Process’ which eliminates alignment flaws common to many golfers. 

One-step alignment process 

The Point n Putt patented visual alignment system is a one-step process. 

Pointing the Directional Pointer to your intended line will automatically square the striking face to 90°. 

The ideal setup. 

This simple method of ‘pointing’ is easier and more accurate than ‘squaring’ for most golfers. 

It assures you that you’re correctly lined up which, in turn, mentally frees you to make a confident putting stroke. 

Easier to point than square 

Accurate alignment is simply achieved by pointing through the golf ball down along the target line. 

Easy to see Focal Point 

The silver directional pointer creates a stark contrast to the matt black body and the green grass beneath, providing an easy-to-see focal point.