What is ‘Moment of Inertia’ (M.O.I.) and how is it associated with the Point N Putt putter?

M.O.I. is a physics term that indicates the relative difference in how easy or difficult it is to set any object in motion around a defined axis of rotation. In golf, it is the forgiveness of the force needed when you hit an off-centre shot with your putter, or any golf club. Perimeter weighting gives a higher m.o.i, as the club head will twist less with an off-centre shot. M.O.I. is associated with the Point n Putt putter because of its extreme perimeter weighting.

When lining up a putt with the Point N Putt putter, you are automatically lining up the Directional Pointer at the centre back of the ball, through to the target direction. This will give you the optimum force in projecting the ball forward.

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