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Wishon 575MMC Forged Iron Club Set | #5 - AW | Stiff 6.0 Steel

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Wishon 575 MMC Forged Irons - 7 Club Set

#5 - AW

The unique feature of these gorgeous 575MMC forged irons is the fact that the progressive back design of each iron in the set has been created completely by CNC machining. The finely milled surface condition was created using an advanced CNC machining technique which gives the 575 MMC an exquisite appearance while demonstrating precise manufacturing, which is why they're regarded so highly.

A Combined Progressive Cavity and Muscleback Forged Design with each Back Design Fully Made by Precision CNC Machining. This set has been assembled by a PGA Master Club Fitter to the highest standards.


  • Tom Wishon designed the First Forged Iron Created by CNC Machining  – the 575MMC machined muscle cavity irons take the precision of a CNC Machined forged iron to a higher level.
  • Mixed Muscleback and Cavity Back Forged Design created for better players who prefer a more compact profile
  • Cavity Back in the Long and Mid Irons for moderate off-center lie forgiveness with blade muscleback design in the short irons.
  • Progressive Weight Design extends throughout the full set – the CNC Machined cavity on the #3 to 7 irons gradually moves weight from a low to mid cavity level. The CNC Machined muscleback progresses the back weight from mid to higher.
  • The 575MMC #8-Wedges are First CNC Machined Muscleback Irons ever created in the industry for precision in CG and weight distribution.
  • CNC Machining Pattern Technology results in a beautiful milled surface texture.


  • 7 x Tom Wishon 575MMC Irons (#5 - AW)
  • Spring-loaded Aluminium Divot Repair Tool


SHAFT Stiff 6.0 Steel
LENGTH 37.5" 6 Iron (STD)
GRIP Standard Rubber
CLUBHEAD 5 Iron 6 Iron 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron PW AW
LOFT 26 30 34 38 42 46 50
LIE 60 61 62 63 64 64 64
WEIGHT 253 260 267 274 281 284 284
OFFSET 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

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