December 04, 2017

For the Golfer Who Has Everything

Are you searching for that perfect Christmas gift for the golfing boss or special loved one? Here are the top five gifts that you can proudly put under the tree and make yourself look like a Christmas present genius. Like Santa, check this list twice. This Christmas list doesn’t include your typical golf shirt or shoes and even the most avid golfer probably doesn’t have one item on this list. It’s a compilation of cool technologies and the hottest products in golf today ensuring your Christmas present will not be forgotten.

On the top of the Christmas Gift List like a shining star on a tree is PNPGolf’s Rake Sand Wedge, from This hot new wedge is the brainchild of Australian Paul Donahue, who has engineered the most advanced wedge in golf. The Rakes patented Dual Bounce Rail Design even makes Santa look like a seasoned pro from any bunker. By design this sand wedge will also cut through grass like hot cider melts snow and your loved ones golf scores will melt as well when they use their new Rake Sand Wedge.

Next on the Christmas Hot list is the SwingBox home driving range, The SwingBox is an elegant solution to the traditional bulky golf net and allows you to take a full swing in the comfort of your own home. Using real golf balls, SwingBox offers golfers a lightweight, innovative home hitting solution and gives you visual and audio feedback that provides a realistic hitting experience without having to go to the driving range. This ingeniously compact indoor practice target stops balls dead and returns them gently to your feet. Ideal for warming up or working on swing mechanics a SwingBox can fit it any room, garage, or yard.

The third special Christmas Gift can be summed up in three words, Finger Separation Technology (FST)! LeviTee Golf Gloves patented design places foam pads between the fingers (FST) which will reduce wear and tear and help eliminate tension commonly called the “Death Grip”, a fault of most golfers, Finger Separation Technology also alleviates fatigue in the hands and arms. The LeviTee Glove is made of Cabretta Leather offering incredible feel and traction. The top area of the glove is made of a Flex Fit Lycra material which enhances comfort while increasing breathability.

Our fourth Christmas Gift on the list is a perfect fit for every stocking. TourMARK Putter Grips offer a high performance putter grip that includes a powerful rare-earth magnet which holds a ball marker securely in place within the grips end cap, Golfers carry ball markers on their hats, divot tools, and golf gloves but they are now guaranteed to have a ball marker with them every time they go to the green. Available in 2 sizes (standard and jumbo), the proficient design of TourMARK’s putter grip provides effortless player functionality and convenience on the greens. Perfect for golfers at all levels, the grips are offered in a variety of popular Loudmouth patterns including Captain Thunderbolt, Black Shagadelic, and Pink & Black Argyle. TourMARK’s enhanced putter grip design is one of the most exciting, unique and practical golf products on the market today and the partnership with Loudmouth Golf and their unique patterns makes this a colorful and exciting stocking stuffer.

The final gift is from a familiar company because it is the sister club to PNPGolf’s short game collection, You have probably heard about the critical putt that didn’t go in as often as you heard Santa say HO, HO, HO but PNPGolf has the answer to this short game nightmare. The Point N Putt Putter and its alignment technology is proven to significantly improve alignment by independent tests conducted by Sam PuttLab. Drive for show, putt for dough is the most accurate statement in golf but most golfers are simply not accurate with their alignment on the greens making it very difficult to sink putts. The Point N Putt putter has a polished silver directional pointer making it easy to see the singular focal point and accurately align the face to the target. Additional features include a mid size non taper grip and adjustable head weights allowing you to lighten or increase weight in the putter head. Making putts is vital to lower golf scores and a putt not properly lined up is nearly impossible to sink. The Point N Putt putter is a great answer to a common problem.

Now that you have your special golfers Christmas list together get ready for a big Thank You. Every gift on this list will show that it wasn’t just the thought that counted this year, these gifts are the best of the best in golf and their faces will show it as soon as they are unwrapped. This Christmas we wish you all nothing but birdies and eagles.

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